Chion off to the printers

Tomorrow is the day when I submit the digital files for Chion to Lightning Source. I had to sit on the files for a few days, just to make sure I didn’t want to make a few last-minute amendments (and I did). The wonders of print-on-demand technology means that there won’t be a long wait for publication; the book is simply a digital file waiting for orders to come in. The first order will, of course, be mine. I’ll order a couple of hundred, to qualify for discount. Although the book will be available from, I would urge any interested parties to purchase it directly from me, as it will likely be cheaper (and signed, if desired). Details to follow. For now, I’d like to share with you the teaser from the back cover:

First came the snow. Then came the screams.

Six hundred and fifty pupils, confined to their classrooms, waiting impatiently for the break-time bell to ring, eager to rush outdoors for a snowball slugfest. But when the first foot crosses over the doorway to the playground, something goes terribly wrong: the boy is strangely powerless to prevent himself from falling … and then screaming.

If the pupils thought being restricted to a classroom for half an hour was hard, all of them are about to get a lesson in the real meaning of the word “confinement.” No one can leave the building. Not now, not when school’s over, not tonight, and not tomorrow. It’s the same story all across the country, in every school, every workplace, every home, every vehicle: death is waiting outdoors.

No one knows whether the phenomenon is a freak weather condition, a chemical weapon, or a divine curse, but what’s lying outside is not snow. And unlike snow, it is not melting away.

Tensions escalate as the dreadful reality dawns. What will happen when our food runs out? How can we be rescued if we’re merely a handful among millions? How can the rescue services function when vehicles can’t use roads and aircraft have nowhere to land?

How will anyone anywhere survive?

I spent the rest of the Christmas holiday writing part of the script for a new movie that Andrew Harrison and I intend to make in 2007. Actually, I spent very little of the holiday doing that. I put in a lot of time gaming, working right through Half-life 2 and Land of the Dead. The latter wasn’t great, but since it’s zombie-blasting, you can’t help but love it. The former was terrific. I’m currently investing my leisure time in an extremely nerve-wracking and difficult game called Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

7 thoughts on “Chion off to the printers

  1. PRAEst76

    Great stuff, i’ll order a couple of copies when you get them to stack in your hallway…

    Half-life 2 was very enjoyable, and I liked the idea of the episodic format but Episode One was disappointing. It didn’t really go anywhere new, in fact you went back to areas you’d already been.

    Still I’m awaiting Episode 2. Hopefully I can get it to work on Linux and I doubt it’ll run on my girlfriends laptop.

  2. Darryl Sloan

    Thanks, Peter.

    I heard a rumour that Half-life 2: Episode 1 may be coming out for the Xbox 360, so I might get a chance to play it. I’ve also played through most of the They Hunger series, which uses the original Half-life engine. The developers really came up with a great FPS engine.

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played … initially. The controls have a steep learning curve, and I was almost put off. But I had an inkling the game would be rewarding when I grew accustomed, and I was right.

  3. PRAEst76

    Oh BTW you might want to change the “(coming in 2006)” info for Chion on your front page. Unless travelling back in time is part of the purchasing mechanism. 😉

  4. Darryl Sloan

    Super. Thanks for your support, Will. Without trying to sound presumpuous, I actually think you in particular are going to enjoy this, because it has a similar feel to The Tripods, which we both love. Although the stories are vastly different, both contain the theme of a small band of people on a perilous quest, with the whole world against them.

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