Affordable cover art for your self-published novel

We self-published authors are on a tight budget, and we have to cut a few corners in the business of getting our books into print. More often than not, one major corner we cut is the cover: we can’t afford to pay a professional graphic designer, so we use our limited Photoshop skills to design our own cover.

I rarely plug another company’s work on my blog, but this time I’m going to make an exception, because I think the other indie writers who drop by here will appreciate this. Irish Eyes Creations is hunting for business, offering to design your cover for a mere $75. Technically, the company is offering to design film posters, but it’s the same difference. Have a look at the examples on the company’s site.

I’m giving serious thought to a reprint of my out-of-print novel Ulterior with a spanking new cover.


5 thoughts on “Affordable cover art for your self-published novel

  1. Phil says:

    wow, these do look pretty nice, ive done a lot of research into film art design and stuff like this, and this one definately seems to be a well priced professional alternative!! nice find darryl

  2. James Maxon says:

    From the looks of it, they do some really good PhotoShop work. I wonder though, since it’s for film, do they require the people shots to be provided from the film itself?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello! And thank you for your comments… and many thanks to Darryl for plugging my site! I am the artist and really just enjoy creating the work! I know what it’s like to have a small budget and just wanted a way to have my work seen and also be able to help low budget films, ect with their projects. I do use stock work of my own, or I can take pictures of what you need upon request, or if you have the actors in play already, I can use them too. That’s the joy as well of creating a “teaser” poster first… Even if you don’t have the actors yet, but an idea, I can bring it to life for you! Of course, never any extra charge for any extra work as well. Thanks again everyone.

  4. James Maxon says:

    Thanks for the info. Do you work on bookcovers (+spine & back) too then? Or just film posters? Are your stock images ones you took or from a stock company? I ask, because I work with Stock companies very often, and know their legal usage agreements can be very touchy with how it’s distributed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It depends usually… I sometimes use stock houses for their work for teaser posters, ect… things that normally don’t get published or for sale, ect… just for marketing purposes. But I do take my own pictures when needed, and have some of my own stock, limited of course. I can do book covers, spines as well, CD’s, ect. Just need the dimensions, ect ect… THANKS

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