Two Irish sci-fi authors chat

This month, Chion is being toured by the Christian Fiction Review Blog. In short, that means that reviews of the book and interviews with me will be posted by participating members of the blog (see below). It’s mostly an American-based affair, but I had a nice surprise when one of the reviewers, a New Zealander called Grace Bridges, turned out to be currently living near Dublin, Ireland, not that far (on a global scale) from me. In a strange coincidence, I happened to be reading her own novel, Faith Awakened, at the time. Spooky.

Instead of doing a typical email interview, we decided to meet up and do a proper in-person audio interview. And it’s not just an interview with me about my book. I decided to make it a double interview, where we’re both asking the questions. Here it is.

Download interview: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]

CFR Blog interviews with Darryl Sloan, conducted by:

CFR Blog reviews of Chion, written by:

3 thoughts on “Two Irish sci-fi authors chat

  1. Many thanks for posting this interview, Darryl! You and Grace have been keeping me company these last couple of afternoon commutes.

    I can certainly vouch for Chion‘s quality:

    and will add Faith Awakened to my TBR pile soon.

    Allow me to mention one other Irish SF author that my interest you: Gerard Brennan. His Possession, Obsession and a Diesel Compression Engine explores the mad side of Belfast with all its devils, zombies, imps and fast cars. Details can be found on

    Thanks again and best of success to both yourself and to Grace!


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