A quick graphic design project: Mind’s Eye

My author friend Philip Henry, from Coleraine, has just completed his second novel, Mind’s Eye. He took some photos for his cover, and I asked him if he would send them my way so that I could have a go myself. Phil’s photos were of a cave entrance, the sea & beach, and the moon. His idea was to make the cave appear like the edge of an eye, with the sea forming the iris, and the moon the pupil. I thought the overall effect wouldn’t look enough like an eye, so I added one more photo of my own eye. Voila.

I’m still a Photoshop novice, and this little project offered me a bit of a challenge, such as transforming day into night, and airbrushing the moon’s reflection onto the water. I worked purely by trial and error and surprised myself with how it turned out. Hope you like it.

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