Proposed new cover design for Chion

I’m fast approaching the 500 sales mark on my novel Chion, and that’s when I run out of copies. I’ve never been entirely happy with the existing cover, so if I’m going to change it, now’s the time. Here’s my current proposal (please click the graphic for a larger and much more detailed version). Opinions, positive or negative, are welcome and valued.

Prior to the book’s publication, the cover design went through several variations. You can have a look at the older designs in my Graphic Design category.

11 thoughts on “Proposed new cover design for Chion

  1. I really like that one. I’m a huge fan of white covers anyway, there’s just something so crisp and neat about white covers. πŸ˜€

    The blood on the back cover is a really nice touch too.

  2. mikeq

    It may be cluttered slightly. The helicopter may be to much. And have you put some kind of haze/blur effect over the middle third, the writing is hard to read, the N looks like an M. And would it be better with just “HELP!” I was a big fan of the original, but I think this may be better, you see the snow, the school, and the message. The original made it seem as if there had been a murder.

  3. I did put a haze effect over the back half of the writing, because on a misty day that’s what happens as things go into the distance. I also thought it might be interesting to give the viewer a little work to do in reading the message. I know the aim of the cover is to catch the eye of a passerby, but I thought this might be nice as an extra for those who cared to investigate.

    The chopper was the last addition to the cover, and was really an afterthought. I like it because it adds a sense of drama and clarifies the purpose of the message on the ground: to be seen from the sky. Since uploading, I’ve actually fiddled with the chopper more and made it even bigger. πŸ™‚ But you may be right about clutter, and it does detract from the sense of isolation. So it’s drama vs. isolation. What do others think?

  4. Stacey

    I liked the depth and detail of the image in the original cover, even though the blood did kind of look murder-esque. There’s something ominous about a nice clean unbroken snowfall with a bit of blood. I pick up books more often based on a pretty cover picture (and of course the title) than one depicting the story.

    If you really like the school image, I’d make the school smaller and hazier, empasizing the isolation. Same with the chopper. What about a different message? I like “Help” better as well, because the large “Food” makes it look like zombies are going to swarm the school. Maybe that’s just me!

  5. I like it. Prefer the original font though, with the Greek letters in between. You could place that high up on this design.

    And lose the tagline or make it smaller. Also the message on the lawn is distracting. That’s the kind of thing I’d put inside as an illustration.

    You could move the school further down and the chopper up a bit. There’d be more white space which you could possibly fill with the snow-background from the other cover as per some of your previous ideas, but it could also stay blank, whichever works better.

    Back cover is very nice. Good stuff altogether!

  6. Whoever laid those mats on the ground to spell out the help message did it very neatly! It looks almost like a font. I can’t help feeling that the mats need to be more skewed.

  7. dscorereviews

    I liked the original. Your new cover is fine but I would do away with the message on the lawn.

    A splash of blood on the snow would look good!!

  8. I agree with the others – I’d do away with the lawn message altogether – as it competes with the balance of your name, or reduce it to one word – “help”

    Personally the helicopter could be removed – unless it is integral to the plot – as there are no people outside awaiting pickup, it gives you the impression that the protagonist is in that chopper…. Distracting.

    I’d prefer more isolation, smaller school and more landscape to show how isolated it is and surrounded by the snow.

  9. Wow. Thanks for all the feedback, people. Quite a mixed bag of opinion.

    I’m on the fence about the chopper, and since I haven’t heard back from the photo’s owner, I’m going to have to remove it for copyright reasons. I fiddled with a few other helicopter images, but none were as effective as that one. Still, possibly the right decision to lose it altogether.

    As for the message on the lawn, I can’t go with the idea of removing it altogether, otherwise all I’m left with is a photo of a building on a snowy day. No sense of drama whatsoever. I might have a go at shortening the message to “HELP,” but I suspect it might lessen the visual sense of depth. One problem is that the “HELP 700” part of the message looks especially faded on some monitors, due to the differing contrasts on TFTs, but when printed, the whole message is very clear and distinct.

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