Final version of new Chion cover

ChionI appreciated everyone’s comments on the proposed new cover design for Chion. I wanted the helicopter to stay, partly because the fly-by related to a scene in the book, but mostly because it gives substance to the purpose of the letters on the lawn, but commenters were right about it being a major distraction. Hence, it’s now a smaller and more distant chopper. The arrangement also provides a nice path for the eye: starting with the message on the lawn, moving into the distance to read it all, reaching the school, then going beyond the school to the helicopter. The old Aliens font is also back (as are the Greek letters, if you look carefully). It’s a nudge in the sci-fi direction worth hanging on to.

You’ll notice the back cover has been amended drastically, to gruesome effect. It’s a bit over-the-top, but it was just something I played with and liked. I even wondered if I should swap the front for the back. Nothing like a striking image to capture the attention. However, without the accompanying blurb, it looks like gruesome murder, so the back is where it stays.

I’m a perfectionist, and I could fiddle with this forever, but I had to pick a moment and commit. So I’ve now uploaded the new file to the printer and I’m in the process of placing an order for another batch of 250 copies. That will make 750 in print. Not bad going for less than two years. The original cover will still be available until I run out of copies.

I have to say, Chion is selling brilliantly. There are times when a week goes past without a sale and other times when I’m posting four books in one day, each to a different address. If anything, the pace has picked up over time. The plan now is to bring my first novel Ulterior back into print.

5 thoughts on “Final version of new Chion cover

  1. mike q

    It’s looking good, the helicopter works now, you see it on closer inspection and it adds some drama, especially after reading the blurb on the back; you wonder how the helicopter can help.

  2. Yey, I’m back on the cover. Really like the new cover especially the helecopter, on the prototype cover the helecopter was too big. I also like the fog from the snow. chion was one of my favorate books keep writing.

  3. Nice, though I can’t help thinking the front cover is somewhat cluttered.

    By the way, you are getting too many comments. I can’t keep up with the rss feed. Stop being so popular. You’ll be hanging out with Russel Brand and Lindsay Lohan next, and we all know where that sort of thing goes…

    I don’t suppose there is some kind of comment threading plugin for WordPress? I think when you start getting lots of comments on a post it becomes a bit forum-like. Having them all in the root of a post makes it intimidating and hard to follow.

  4. Hi, Peter.

    It’s not a perfect cover, but I think it’s a step in a more effective direction. Funnily enough, it’s a close match to what I originally envisioned, before publishing, when I was mentally putting a cover together.

    The only other strong idea I have for a cover is a snow-covered street littered with dead bodies going into the distance, and centre-stage in the foreground is a snow-capped pram. That one is a bit beyond my skills, and I’m not sure I prefer it. It’s a little heavy on the hopelessness.

    Sorry, no threading facility that I’m aware of.

  5. Ah Eddie. Finally you get your dues for rolling around in the snow for me. 🙂 Glad you like it. Once the books arrive, I’ll send you a free one via your sister.

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