Reality Check complete!

Fin! Started 20 June, completed 15 July. I can hardly believe I’ve written an entire book in 26 days. I did use existing blog posts as the basis for a few of the chapters, but I spent as much time reorganising them and adding to them that it would have taken the same amount of effort to write from scratch. Here’s the chapter list:

1. Shake Your Foundations
2. Religion Unmasked
3. Independent Thought
4. What Am I?
5. Where Am I?
6. Intuition Reconnected
7. The Big Picture
8. Psychic Surprise
9. Abnormal Life
10. Bad Programming
11. Sexual Snare
12. A Life Worth Living

I’m going to do a little editing right away, then I’ll probably let the book sit for a few weeks to distance my mind from it. Then I’ll do another edit. After that I should be confident enough to offer it to my pre-press readers, who will tear it to shreds. Then I will cry … as if!

3 thoughts on “Reality Check complete!

  1. Don’t fear a few tears. It’s bound to leave you somewhat emotional. I’d be surprised, disappointed and somewhat weary of you if it didn’t.

    I’m curious to read it. I’d be lying and insulting you if I didn’t say I wasn’t somewhat skeptical of some stages of your journey thus far, but feel glad that you are on it.

  2. richard

    That’s great Darryl! I can’t wait to get my hands on it before it goes mainstream. I suppose once you’ve done the final edit, all you need to do is make that trip to Hay House in London.

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